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Romantic Tree of Life Ceremony - New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Melissa and Vincent's New Orleans ceremony was stunning with an all encompassing backdrop of the oldest Southern Live Oak in the city, The Tree of Life.

"Being in the presence of something so old and grand, something that was there long before you and will be there long after you, is humbling," said Melissa.

When it came to decor , the Tree of Life is such a statement on its own, so we decided less was more. Dozens of flameless tea tree candles and lanterns were subtle gestures to bring the tree's natural beauty to light (all while making sure we followed all the guidelines to keep this landmark safe).

The couple met while attending graduate school, which called for Vince's Auburn orange tie. Vince is originally from New Orleans and they planned to visit the Tree of Life when coming in town to see Vince's family. "I had recently seen photos of the Tree of Life and suggested we go see it in person. Little did I know he had a ring with him and was planning to propose that trip!," said Melissa.

When we asked Melissa about her wedding dress, she explained that her beautiful scalloped silk mermaid dress wasn't what she thought she would wear. "It was the complete opposite of what I expected to like! I went into the boutique thinking I wanted something soft, flowy, and romantic." To top it off, the in store sample dress fit her perfectly! Sounds like it was meant to be ...

Covid prevented Melissa and Vince from taking their Honeymoon, but they do plan to go to Belgium to visit all the incredible breweries!

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