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New Mama 'Must Haves' for your Best Friend

So your BFF is having baby and you’re completely clueless about the whole enterprise. What do you bring to the shower? Do you go with something cute or useful? How about both?!

So clearly we are getting a bit off topic here (not talking weddings but hey, we plan events too!). Regardless, we can’t help it —Bailey, owner of Bailey Rose Events, clearly has babies on the brain with her new little one coming any day.

As a professional planner and one of the first of her friends to have kids, she often gets asked what new mama’s really need (and want)!

So back to you and your sweet friend, who is about to bring a brand new mini best friend into the world!

To find out what to get, we asked asked Bailey for some of her not so obvious baby 'must haves':

She broke it down to a few categories for you! — All products linked + nothing sponsored <3

SLEEP (Zzzzzz....)


TRAVEL - For the Mama on the go with baby in tow!


Happy shopping friends — Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any other ideas!


BRE Team

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